Recyke y’bike

Recyke y'bike logo

Recyke y’bike is the charity and social enterprise giving old unwanted bikes a new lease of life, whilst at the same time saving tons of useable metal and parts from the scrapheap. At Recyke we want to get as many people as possible on their bikes, travelling more healthily and sustainably, reducing the number of cars on our roads and improving our urban environment by changing the way people travel across the North East.

Our Aim

As a social enterprise we use the bike to address our social aims, such as reducing isolation in communities, promoting better physical health and providing employment and training opportunities. We also work with local cycling initiatives to help people improve their confidence, provide bikes to local youth projects, and work with other charities to send thousands of bikes every year to Africa to help make substantial changes to people's lives in some of the continent's poorest and most isolated regions.

Our New Base

From our new base here at The Journey, we're continuing on our mission to provide reasonably priced bike sales and repairs, getting more people started on their journey towards healthier, happier travel choices and helping to keep those wheels turning!

What We Do

We achieve this by taking in public donations of broken and unwanted bikes, fixing them up, and selling them on at affordable prices, as well as selling parts and performing servicing and repairs. Our team of dedicated volunteers and mechanics come from all walks of life, but they all share our passion for cycling and recycling.