Fair and Sustainable Coffee

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Here at The Journey, two things that really matter to us are ‘food miles’ and ethical sourcing. We like to make sure that everything we serve is produced in a fair and sustainable way, making good use of the best local produce available in order to reduce the number of miles our food has to travel on its journey to your plate.

Our Milk: Northumberland Pedigree

Our milk is provided by the Baynes family, who have been producing milk and cream of the highest quality since 1932. This un-homogenised milk comes from a single herd of 160 happy cows who live at Marley Cote farm near Hexham.

Our Bread: Original Bakehouse

Our bread is freshly baked and delivered daily from The Original Bakehouse, Whickham. They have been providing a contemporary range of baked goods using locally sourced ingredients since 1972.

Our Coffee:
Colour Coffee

Based in Sandyford, Colour Coffee imports and expertly roasts only the highest quality coffee beans. Colour Coffee make sure that all their producers are paid well above the cost of production, all the way back to farm level.

Our Cakes:
Gareth James

Our cakes are supplied by our award winning chocolatier based in Tynemouth. From his shop he creates the finest chocolates, truffes and cakes, using ethically sourced ingredients from around the world.